Each year from about May until late fall, we usually have one or two bottle fed calves in our critter barn for kids to see and pet. Twisted Creek offers more than just goats. 

Twisted Creek Farm is family owned and operated. We originally started out raising Boer goats, but late last summer we made the transition from goats to cattle.  We currently have 7 Angus cattle and still have two Boer goats we kept from our last kidding. We also keep a couple dairy calves for the critter barn. We enjoy sharing our love of animals and farming with folks who don't get the opportunity to be in a rural setting and see farm animals up close & personal. Kids love collecting eggs and helping at feeding time! If your plans involve a trip to Gettysburg, take time to get off the beaten path & visit Twisted Creek Farm. Currently we are only open on weekends or by appointment, but as we expand so will our hours! Come grow with us!

Twisted Creek Farm near Gettysburg, PA

It's all in the family. 

Twisted Creek is a seasonal business. We are typically open from the beginning of May until the end of December. (Other times of the year are by appointment only.)

baby calves!

(Formerly Twisted Creek Goat Farm)

Boer goat Kids

Twisted Creek is a working farm, but even on working farms we take time to have fun! Above you see two of our babies playing a little "cat & mouse" with the resident barn cat. Young & old alike love to watch the little ones at play!

​Each year we get new baby chicks for our critter barn so that kids have the experience of seeing new life on the farm! By the end of the July those new chicks are laying so we almost always have an abundance of fresh country eggs available at the store! 

​What fun it is to collect fresh eggs!!!